About this year’s program

Name of projects

“2015 International Theater Okinawa for Young Audience”

JCDN International Dance In Residence Exchange Project VOL.4
2015 Japan US International Exchange

About “2015 International Theater Okinawa for Young Audience”

Every summer since 2005, the festival has been presenting many excellent plays and performances from all over Japan and other countries. It has also held international symposiums, workshops, and seminars.

Through promoting reproduction of homes and the local community by cultivating sensitivity by meeting excellent art, it aims to widen friendships of people all over the world.

The festival has developed to be a place where local communities and international artists meet and interact; a new platform of cultural presentation in Japan.

When:July 26th-August 3rd
Venue:Tokyo, Naha, Okinawa-City, Theater at Ie Island, Special Event Space

About the project

Nora in Okinawa/ Miyako-Naha-Bise-Ie Island

Nora Chipaumire, dancer and choreographer from Zimbabwe, currently based in New York City, will hold one month of residency in Okinawa. She will be traveling around four regions; Miyako, Naha, Bise, and Ie island, and creates works inspired by each location’s nature, customs, while incorporating the region’s traditional performing arts.

During the residency, she will also hold workshops at each locations.

Her work will be performed as work-in-progress performance at Ie Island at the end of July.
Two dancers and voice performers who participated in “Portrait of Myself as My Father,” which was performed in Kyoto last year, and Shinbow, a musician from Motobu-Town, Okinawa, will be joining.

This project will be recorded in a video. It will be documented and edited by Chikako Yamashiro, a visual artist from Naha, Okinawa.

How the Project Started and How the Artist Was Selected

Over sixty presenters from North America who have been maintaining partnerships with one another for many years have gotten together to form the National Performance Network (NPN).

Twenty five performers from New York, Chicago, and Austin were presented, and Nora Chipaumire have been selected.
(Kyoto Art Center selected Allison Orr). Nora’s residency is hold at 2014 and 2015.

Residency Schedule in Okinawa

  • Miyako: July 3rd-9th

    Miyako is also sometimes called “Island of God.” It is rich with rituals, Kami-Uta (songs of God), and traditional folk songs. Experience the original traditional performing arts and costumes, Kuicha, the dance that celebrated the liberation from tax. Kuicha is also known as a ritual dance to pray for rain. Nora’s artist talk and workshop will also be hold.

  • Naha: July 10th-13th

    Learn Ryukyu-Buyou and Karate with Japanese dancers. Nora’s workshop will be hold.

  • Ie Island: July 14th–20th, July 25th–31st

    A rocky mountain, Gusukuyama, or known with the nickname “Tacchoo”, can be seen from everywhere on the island. Tacchoo is the symbol of Ie Island, and locals use it as a substitute for a lighthouse.

    Farm Village Improvement Center will be the base of Nora’s dance creation, and it will be open for the public. It was once used as the government’s office, and where Noro, the local Sherman, hold rituals called Upu-uimie.

    Eight traditional performing art remains at the region, along with Ie Island’s original Kumi-Odori (Okinawan traditional dance).

    The island is known as the origin of Okinawan typical folk song, Mansyuku-Bushi. A fierce battle was fought here during World War 2, and an American military base still exists.
    Nora’s workshop and work-in-progress performance will be hold.

    July 31st Performance of work-in-progress. Title: Undecided, Venue: Ie Island, outdoor hall of Ie Farm Village Improvement Center

  • Bise: July 21st–24th

    This region is known as the lines of Hook tree and Warumi. They still follow the traditional ritual of the harvest festival and performing arts.

    The collaboration performance of Nora and Shinbow, the singer and sanshin player from Motobu-Town, will be shooting a video at the beach.

    The summer festival will be organized, presenting the local traditional performing arts and collaboration of Nora and Shinbow.

  • Naha: August 2nd

    A reporting announcement will be held with talk and the Chikako Yamashiro’s documented film of a month residency.

    The detailed information about Nora’s workshop and performance during the residency.

Photo:Takashi Shima